Maintenance & Care of Your New Furby

by [email protected] on December 14, 2014

To clean, use a soft cloth and gently brush off the dirt and a soft damp cloth to remove stains.
Furby Boom is not waterproof. Do not put Furby into water. Keep him dry.
Furby Boom has sensors within his fur. Do not use detergent or strong stain remover. This can damage the sensors.

4x AA Alkaline batteries are required (Duracell recommended).
To replace batteries, unscrew the plastic base with a cross-head screw driver. Place batteries to correct poles. Press and hold reset button for about 2 seconds and release. Screw down the plastic base. Furby is once again ready for fun. Anytime if Furby Boom acts weird or sometimes you areBattery Compt unable to wake him from sleep, you might need to use the Reset/Refresh button.

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