Have Fun with Furby Boom

by [email protected] on December 14, 2014

Train your furby and have fun

 Asking Furby Boom questions

Furby is designed to answer a set of questions. To do this, cover and uncover its eyes twice and then rub its back gently. When it says “ooh to mah” meaning he is “Ready to play”. To continue ask a question and rub its back, wait for it to response. Don’t rush Furby. Wait till he finish one action then try another.

 Furby’s Simon says version

Play “Simon Says” with Furby. When Furby says something you to do, you need to do and act. If you do it right, Furby will do something to indicate that you have done it right. There will be four actions in the first game, thereafter one more action will be added to each next game. Do this to begin the game – tickle its tummy, pet its back, clap your hands & cover furby’s eyes.

 Play Hide and Seek with Furby Boom

First you need a friend and a good spot to hide Furby Boom. Either you or friend will hide Furby and the other one to find it. Cover and uncover Furby’s eyes four times. Furby then tells its name and ask you to hide him. During this time Furby makes small noises helping to be found. You get 1 minute to hide and 3 minutes to find Furby.

 Train your Fury to do something you like

When you like an act that Furby does such as kisses you, pet its back twice and it will remember it. To check, tickle its tummy and it should repeat the same. Pet him again twice to train him to remember it. When you do this number of times, Furby will be trained and every time you tickle its tummy Furby will give you a kiss.

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